Troika Saint Germain

Troika Saint Germain

Troika (pronounced Troy-ka) Saint Germain is a Spiritual Teacher, Ascension Accelerator and Transformational Alchemist who is able to advance people to their next level of spiritual development by raising their frequency and powerful Activations received from the Higher Realms. She was born with the remembrance and connection to the Divine and is able to consciously visit the Higher Realms and communicate with Angels & Ascended Masters since childhood. She possessed several paranormal abilities. Ascended Master Saint Germain personally taught her about Ascension and other spiritual knowledge, as well as, physically manifested to her many times throughout her life. In addition, she works closely with The Blessed Mother, Quan Yin, Jesus, and ArchAngel Michael, all of which have also physically appeared to her. Ashtar is also a friend, along with other Masters, Angels and Beings of Light.

At age 10 her magical life ended. She died by drowning in the ocean while body surfing. As she returned from death, her capabilities and connections were lost. The rest of her life became a quest to learn more about life and spirituality. As a Spiritual Seeker, every stone was uncovered to find the truth.

In 1985 a spontaneous reawakening restored her childhood memory, connections and some of her paranormal abilities. Troika says, "I can't walk through walls or make my toys fly through the air any more, but do I really need to?" followed by her deep laughter.

Reflecting upon the "lost years" before the reawakening, she knows they were necessary in order to fulfill her Mission of helping Humanity reach Ascension. "I needed to step back so I could understand the questions and struggle of people exploring a path, a journey, to awaken as I finally did. Had I remained as I was in my childhood, I would not be able to relate to people, nor could they relate to me."

In January 2003, Ascended Master Saint Germain asked her if she would create alchemical and high vibrational products of his design to assist humanity with transformation and ascension. She gladly accepted and The Alchemy of Saint Germain products was formed. Later that year, Saint Germain revealed the formula of his famous "Elixir of Life", asking Troika to produce it as a Vibrational Essence. More products continue to be developed. All may be seen and purchased on her website,

"One of these days", Troika plans on writing a book about her experiences with Saint Germain and the secrets and techniques he has taught her, however, much is shared during Ascension PlayShops, annual Sacred Retreats, Webinars, and now this Podcast. She is the Founder and President of several successful companies, an Ordained Minister, a Teacher and Reverend of Metaphysics, a Mystical Alchemist, an Axiatonal Therapist (aka The Connection), the first Angelic Reiki Master after the founder, and a Professor of Buddhism.

Troika is available worldwide for private Ascension & Personal Guidance Sessions by telephone.

Born in "The City of The Angels", Troika moved to Mount Shasta in 1992 and lives in a magical Geodesic dome with her beloved "Angels in Dog Suits" canine companions. She is passionate about Animal Communication and sharing knowledge on the Spirituality of Animals.

Troika is a multi-talented artist and designer having worked professionally as a Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Web Designer, Set Designer for stage productions in the United States and Japan, Art Director of several national magazines and major newspapers, and designer of seven trophy-winning parade floats for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses. Additional professions include; Cosmetologist and Make-Up Artist, Florist, Actress, Radio Personality, Journalist, Business Owner, has been a published author since age 13, and a Playwright of two long-running Hollywood stage productions.

Troika is an Activist for several causes to better the planet and pave the way for 5th Dimensional Earth. She looks forward for us to enter into the Ascended Realm of the Golden Age.